According to Yellow Pages research, Electrolysis is still the commonest search term that people use when seeking to rid themselves of unwanted hair. This surprised us because, as we have been offering laser hair removal for over sixteen years, we had assumed that everybody knows how much faster and more effective laser is when compared to these old-fashioned needle methods.

However, Electrolysis has been around since the 1860s and it's likely that if you asked your friends, colleagues, Mum, Aunty and even your Grandma, what is the best method of permanent hair removal, the chances are that they would say Electrolysis.

Why is laser so superior then? Electrolysis methods target hairs one at a time, whereas with laser it is possible to treat a large number of hairs in a single pulse as the spot size of the laser beam can be up to 18mm in diameter. With the laser firing once or twice per second, even large body areas such as legs, backs and chests can be treated in a short space of time. This means that laser is suitable for treatment on a much wider scale.

Laser is better that Electrolysis for other reasons too. The laser light is absorbed by the hair, and converted to heat which spreads outwards, damaging the follicle but protecting all the other structures in the skin. Since all that enters the skin is light (as opposed to needles), the likelihood of damage to the skin is minimal, and the risk of scarring is much lower than with needle methods; in fact, we haven't seen a single case of scarring in 16 years!

We see many people who have been having Electrolysis on the same area for years, and still have considerable new growth in the treatment area. A course of six or seven laser treatments is enough to achieve a permanent, dramatic reduction in hair growth, with only a few people requiring more than a few top-up sessions to achieve the final result.

If you would like to get rid of unwanted hair, or know of anybody who wishes to be hair-free, choose laser, as it is the fastest, most efficient and modern method of hair removal available today.