Accumax Advanced Nutrition Programme

Contains highly potent plant ingredients to tackle Acne on all layers of the skin.

Acne Treatment with N-Lite V

N-Lite V, a revolutionary non-surgical laser treatment, has been making huge waves in the world of beauty since its launch some 5 years ago, with its ability to eliminate laughter lines, crow's feet and generally combat the signs of ageing. In fact, the results have been outstanding.

N-Lite V stimulates the natural mechanism for repair of the skin.  Its effectiveness has been scientifically proven by independent dermatologists and the benefits have been experienced by many satisfied clients. But don’t take our word for it - see the amazing results for yourself.
Whether it’s for acne, wrinkles or vascular lesions, N-Lite’s smartpulse technology is effective on the majority of patients. Acne has been shown to significantly improve 2 to 4 weeks following a single session.  Patients will usually receive 3 treatments 2 to 8 weeks apart.